Altenar Seeks to Bolster Casinobud’s Sports Betting Portfolio is a prominent operator in the Nordics, which is now going to focus on introducing an improved sports betting experience. The company was encouraged by the strong results generated during the World Cup.

Altenar to Help Casinobud Pivot Towards Sports Betting

Casinobud used the occasion of the international soccer contest to launch The Mill Adventure’s Betpool feature, known as Play Together at the casino. The experience is designed to focus on the strong social aspect of the sports betting experience whereby players can join groups, place bets together, and pick from a range of activities.

But The Mill Adventure is not the only addition to Casinobud’s portfolio of sports betting solutions, with the company relying on Altenar to provide its award-winning sportsbook products to considerably increase the operator’s footprint in the region and strike home with Northern European players.

Both Casinobud and Altenar are confident in the forthcoming success of the collaboration. Altenar sales manager Alejandro Cazorla has hailed the opportunity to embark on this collaboration with Casinobud and provide the brand with the company’s award-winning sportsbook. Cazorla added:

With our best-in-class technology behind them, the brand is sure to provide countless players with high levels of engagement.

Altenar sales manager Alejandro Cazorla

Casinobud is not the only iGaming operator that has recently sought out Altenar because of the advanced solutions the company has to offer in the sports betting vertical. The company similarly assisted Starcasino with its own growth in sports wagering. Altenar also signed a similar partnership with PalmsBet, bringing its advan ufa800 ced betting solutions to the Bulgarian market with the brand.

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