Betway Renews Partnership with BLAST for Third Year

Esports operator Betway has renewed and extended its partnership with tournament organizer BLAST, preparing to bring innovation in competitive video gaming for a third consecutive year.

Esports Stand to Benefit for a Third Year Thanks to Betway x BLAST Premier

A long-standing member of the esports community, Betway has extended its existing partnership with the BLAST Premier series, the competitive video gaming tournament host which focuses on producing high-quality Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events worldwide.

With the ongoing partnership stretching two successful years already, BLAST is keen on continuing its working relationship with the esports bookmaker which has been putting a significant emphasis on competitive video gaming, from sponsoring top-tier esports events to teaming up with esports outfits.

In 2020, Betway supported the BLAST rising series which focused on amateur esports along with the Bounty Hunt Dota 2 event. With the year nearly out, BLAST is planning to distribute close to $2.5 million in tournament prizes throughout 2021.

BLAST and Betway Mark Two Years of Success

Betway’s Head of Esports, Adam Savinson, said that the two years with BLAST have been a tremendous success and the BLAST Premier series has established itself as a flagship event on the esports calendar.

“Our collaborative approach to working with BLAST has created some of our best activations to date, and we look forward to building on our success in 2021,” Savinson concluded.

Reciprocating the sentiment, BLAST VP of Commercial Leo Matlock noted that the ongoing partnership with Betway has led to impactful and innovative solutions for esports audiences, lol646 and the third year of collaboration speaks to the close relationship the two organizations have worked on and built.

BLAST will seek to deliver on an ambitious plan in 2021, Matlock noted, and Betway is an integral part of next year’s success. In the meantime, the Counter-Strike audience has been growing, despite a few drawbacks.

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BLAST has been an example of integrity at a time when the industry has been rocked by scandals. The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has banned 34 coaches earlier this year for alleged cheating, and at least 60 professional CS: GO players have left the game to move onto other competitive choices, such as Valorant.

Yet, the BLAST Premier carries on with unflagging resolve.