The Mill Adventure Adds Paysafe’s eCash Solutions to Its Roster of Payments

iGaming platform and white-label solutions provider licensed in Germany, The Mill Adventure, has announced an extension of its partnership with the leading payment platform with over 25 years of experience in the industry, Paysafe. 

The extended partnership will see The Mill Adventure’s German-based partner casinos along with their registered players get access to a richer selection of alternative payments solutions. 

The news comes after the full-service platform that supports over 5,000 games, 70 software providers, and more than 50 payment methods successfully integrated Paysafe’s digital wallets three years ago. 

Paysafe’s eCash Solution, Aimed at Players Who Like to Budget and Pay in Cash

Commenting on the new partnership expansion, Paysafe’s president of global gaming, Zak Cutler, acknowledged the importance of having a “smooth” payments process for player acquisition and retention. 

Cutler also emphasized that the same payment process should be able to guarantee that all types of consumer preferences in terms of security and trust are well taken care of, among others. 

Accordingly, Cutler expressed th kagame eir delight to use their existing relationship with The Mill Adventure to provide “convenient” payment methods for their players. 

In order to start using the new option, players must sign up for a myPaysafe account and upload funds into it via Paysafe vouchers they can buy using cash, without having to concern themselves with being asked to provide any craft card or bank account details. 

A Paysafe’s Lost in Transaction research aimed at more than 14,000 consumers discovered that the demand for digital cash, which has been on an ascending trend in the last few years, has reached its highest peak in 2023. 

According to the results of the research, 31% of respondents who made use of eCash in the last year claimed they used this a lot more often than they did in 2022 when only 13% of participants used it.

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Plus, 30% of eCash users in the last year called it their favorite payment method online. At the same time, 68% of respondents who admitted to wagering online also stated they would rather not reveal any financial information when making their payments online. 

Half of the interviewed participants believed that digital cash was the safest method of paying for online gambling while 52% called it the most convenient option.

The Mill Adventure’s head of fraud & payments, Bianca Costa, reiterated their commitment to offering “an exceptional iGaming experience for players” while calling the payment process a critical component. 

Costa added that by offering additional payment options including transactions based on cash like myPaysafe, The Mill Adventure should be able to further support its partners looking to provide “secure and convenient alternative” payment methods for more peace of mind, freedom of choice, and a better way of managing gaming budgets.

In mid-July, Betr announced its Ohio and Massachusetts customers would benefit from Paysafe’s technology via a freshly inked agreement. Earlier in the year, Paysafe announced it entered the Ontario market.