WPN Makes Game-Changing Discovery About Poker Bots

In a groundbreaking discovery, the Winner Poker Network has found that bots can analyse graphical data and has been taking measures against them.

WPN Finds Poker Bots Can Analyse Graphical Data

Bots have been a terrible plague on the online poker market,and many brands have been working hard to keep players safe. Recently, theWinning Poker Network (WPN) has made an important discovery regarding bots ontheir sites.

According to Phil Nagy, the CEO of the Winning Poker Network,the company has found out that modernpoker bots are using screen scraping technology. They can analysegraphical data, which allows them to interact with actual human players inonline poker hands.

“After running a serious of tests, WPN’s security team foundthat poker bots can read pixels. Using this information, the programs candetermine what cards the user has, what position they are at the table, betsizes and more”, reads a statement from Nagy.

Over the course of the past six months, WPN has launched fournew graphics updates in hopes of stopping bots. Each update was able to preventthe bots from reading the games for a short period of time.

After the changes occurred, there were some online pokeraccounts they were less active. WPN then asked these accounts to prove thatthey weren’t bots a jili777 nd those that could not were shut down. From these accounts,over $450,000 of stolen funds were returned to players that had playedwith the bots.

The Future of the Fight Against Bots

This is a ground-breaking discovery in the world of onlinepoker. More companies will be able to use this information in the fightagainst bots, which will take them down on a much larger scale.

Online poker brands are becoming more vigilant in the fightagainst bots. They are a huge danger, stealing thousands of dollars from humanplayers, and sites like partypoker, WPN and PokerStars are working hard to preventthem from operating.

However, there is always the chance that this could have anundesired effect. If those that run bot accounts catch wind that WPN knows aboutbots’ ability to analyse graphical data, they will look for even more sophisticatedways of operating on online poker sites.

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Only time will tell if all of this hard work will pay offand stop bots from targeting poker sites altogether. It may take several brandsworking together to make it happen, but it could have a significant effect onthe number of bots operating online.