Yggdrasil Launches Space Saga “Gems Infinity Reels” off the Pad

Yggdrasil has launched its latest interstellar slot people with Gems Infinity Reels featuring the ReelPlay treatment. The game creates an immersive environment where you get to explore the universe and all its wonders while you are racing against time to save all creation from a cataclysmic event and get rich in the process.

Gems Infinity Reels Features and Gameplay

The game comes with a slightly reduced layout grid at 3×4. Yet, through regular play, you can further unlock additional sets of reels split across Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Spinel sets. Each set is represented by a princess character and some of these additional reels are accessible under specific conditions.

For example, unlocking the Emerald and Spinel sets would be possible only during the Free Spins level. There is a unique Unity symbol to add further dividends to your payouts as it fulfills the role of a scatter symbol.

In the meantime, players will have access to four Wild Princess substitutes that will provide different rewards based on the combinations they fulfill. True to the wild symbol mechanic, these four princesses will be able to substitute for any symbol, bar the scatter.

For each of them, you will also add a 1x multiplier. Should you come across the Unity symbol, though, you can expect to unlock the Free Spins level with five bonus spins on the house. Every time you win, the Infinity Reels mechanic will kick in and help you expand the playing field by adding an additional reel.

The game comes with medium-high volatility and an average return-to-player rate of 96.26%. There is a 2000x multiplier to have you looking forward to some substantial payouts as well.

Boosting Regulatory Compliance through GATI

With phl63 interest in Gems Infinity Reels high, Yggdrasil has made sure to deploy its GATI system which preconps the game for partners based on the market they operate in. The regulation-ready approach makes Yggdrasil’s’ products easy to integrate with any platform. Yggdrasil head of product and programs Stuart McCarthy commented:

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“Our YG Masters program continues to facilitate the creation of cutting-edge content, and Gems Infinity Reels combines the iconic Infinity Reels gameplay with multiple reel sets and huge win potential.”

Yggdrasil head of product and programs Stuart McCarthy

ReelPlay CEO David Johnson paid compliments to Gems Infinity Reels, describing the game as an intergalactic saga with epicness and fearsome princesses in it. As an additive pro, Johnson said that any spin could result in an 888x payout.